Products and services

MET Germany provides a stable, predictable and reliable cooperation in delivering a comprehensive energy supply. 

We understand the different needs and requirements of our customers from years of experience and want to learn first-hand from our partners about their goals. As we do not believe in standard products off the shelf but rather tailor-made solutions, and we believe it is critical for a successful partnership, we have one key requirement when meeting new clients: their valuable time for 

  1. An assessment of their historical data and approach;
  2. A strategic workshop about the proposed individual strategy;
  3. A kick-off meeting before the actual start of delivery to talk through operational details.

Key products and services of MET Germany

    • Complete or partial supply of natural gas or electricity for industrial customers as well as utilities
    • Green hydrogen from own production (supply starting 2025)
    • Balancing group pooling
    • State of the art delivery models which ensure a precise fit to our customers’ needs
    • Market access for trading counter parties
    • Supply strategies for international clients
    • Ongoing support and expert consultancy services

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