Social responsibility

MET Group believes that knowledge and innovation created by talented staff members are the greatest business asset. Therefore, the company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy is also focused on talent management.

MET has supported the scholarship program of the Franciscan Order in Hungary for several years, assisting students with outstanding results, as well as teachers involved in helping talented pupils. MET is also among the main sponsors of the Franciscan Christmas Charity Concert, organized every year for an Autism Aid Center in East Hungary.

The company supports the Far-reaching Talent Foundation with the same motivation, providing free talent management programs for schoolchildren aged between 12 and 18, coming from socio-culturally disadvantaged backgrounds. The scholarship program of the Budapest Olympics Movement (BOM), also supported by MET Group, is intended to help the academic advancement of athletes with outstanding achievements. This initiative puts emphasis on education and sports at the same time.

In the area of medical research, MET donated a special Holter-EEG device to a Hungarian research team which has made a breakthrough in diagnosing epilepsy as a concomitant condition of Alzheimer’s disease. Early treatment of epilepsy might slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and help to preserve the quality of life of the affected individuals.

University partnerships established by MET Group seek to attract talents. The company is Global Corporate Partner of CEMS (Community of European Management Schools), a global alliance of 30 leading business schools, 75 multinational companies and NGOs. MET has organized Skill Seminars at renowned European universities (St Gallen University, University of Bath, Budapest Corvinus University).


Sustainable development

MET Group considers the growth in the renewable power generation space as an integral part of its business strategy. The company’s objective is to establish a renewable energy production portfolio of several hundreds of megawatts in Central and Eastern Europe, consisting of solar and wind projects. Together with its core competence around natural gas as a transition fuel, MET can support energy developments towards carbon neutrality.

We closely monitor and support the current trends and endeavours regarding a more sustainable usage of energy and the goal of decarbonization. A green approach and footprint are desired by most clients, but the requirements and obstacles involved are often unknown and underestimated. We help to show our partners the way and give guidance throughout the process.