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Press releases
The construction works of MET Gerjen Solar Park and MET Söjtör Solar Park have been completed and the solar power plants have commenced commercial operations. The investments cover an area of 170 hectares altogether in the two Hungarian municipalities, where almost 180.000 solar panels have been installed. The completion of the projects was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Press releases
Swiss-based MET Group has secured binding long-term LNG capacities at Deutsche ReGas’ floating LNG terminal in Lubmin (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany). The FSRU (Floating Storage Regasification Unit) on the German Baltic Sea coast will be officially inaugurated tomorrow in the presence of Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor, and Robert Habeck, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs.
Articles (EN)
TotalEnergies SE and Swiss energy trader MET Group booked capacity at a new LNG terminal in Germany, helping boost supplies to Europe’s biggest economy as it looks to replace Russian gas.
Articles (DE)
Der französische Energiekonzern Total Energies und der Energieversorger MET Group mit Sitz in der Schweiz haben Kapazität im LNG-Terminal "Deutsche Ostsee" in Lubmin gebucht. Total Energies hat nach eigenen Angaben 2,6 Mrd. Kubikmeter gebucht. MET nennt in seiner Pressemitteilung die gebuchte Kapazität nicht.
Articles (EN)
The year 2022 not only turned the world upside down geopolitically but has also triggered a wave of unprecedented market disruptions in the energy industry and beyond.
Articles (DE)
Das Jahr 2022 hat nicht nur die Welt geopolitisch auf den Kopf gestellt, sondern auch in der Energiewirtschaft nie zuvor gesehene Marktverwerfungen ausgelöst.
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According to gas and oil companies, natural gas has “enormous potential” to reduce near-term CO2 emissions and air pollution by using gas instead of coal.

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