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Jan Massmann

Vice Chairman of the Executive Board / MET Group

Jan Massmann is the Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of MET Holding AG and Head of Group Origination. He is based in Zug, Switzerland.

Mr. Massmann is responsible for major origination projects of MET Group.

He joined MET Group in 2014 as Chief Operating Officer, also assuming the role of CEO of MET International AG during the same year. In 2017 he took over the current role of the Vice Chairman of the Executive Board. Prior to joining MET, Mr. Massmann gained extensive international experience in the European energy industry with a particular focus on gas wholesale in the Central and Eastern European markets.

"It was a long overdue step to add physical assets and direct sales to end- consumers to MET’s already existing wholesale activities in the German market. Customer relationships, as well as assets are an essential part of our integrated strategy focusing on gas, power and renewables.”


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